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COVID-19 Response

Exciting news! The COVID-19 infection rates are low enough to allow us to implement our plan to gather in St Peter’s building for church on Sundays at 10 a.m. and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. The services will also be on Facebook Live.

The vestry met on Wednesday night (5/19) and using the Diocesan Covid recommendations decided the following:

  • Air ducts in the church will be cleaned.
  • A new air filtering system will be installed on the furnace to keep air pure and filter out covid and other particles.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the pews and various other locations.
  • We will meet in person at 10 am for church unless the % rate of infection goes above 7. We are currently at 2%.
  • We will use paper bulletins and paper copies of music – These will be recycled.
  • We will only use wafers for communion.
  • Coffee hour will resume Sunday the 13th of June for the Annual meeting.
  • Conducting A Place at the Table indoors will be reassessed in June, for now we will continue our food distribution.

Here are the new rules that will be posted upon entering the church.

  • Wear a mask if NOT vaccinated.
  • Sign in at the back table for tracing purposes.
  • NO Passing of the Peace.
  • Put paper bulletins and music sheets in the recycle box at the back of the church.

Each Tuesday when we get the official infection rate numbers, a message will be posted on the services page and on our Facebook page.

Updated 5/23/2021

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